New Delhi: In the Holliwood movie Spiderman, Uncle Ben’s word, “With great power comes great responsibility” inspires the protagonist of the film. So also the union railway minister Piyush Goyal.

Goyal has admitted that dialogue of the film has made him to delegate power across all levels of the rail network with a hope that  it would eventually lead to an improvement in the work culture in the Railways.

“The inspiration (for this) comes from a Spiderman movie”, he said.

Goyal has empowered general managers (GMs) of railway zones to sanction out-of-turn safety-related works within their financial limits. Divisional regional managers(DRMs)  have been given powers to re-engage retired railway employees up to 62 years of age against vacancies. Enhanced powers for the repair of track machines have been given to field officers for faster track safety work, while junior field officers and supervisors have been provided with multi-utility vehicles.