Bhubaneswar: The city-based Utsha Foundation For Contemporary Art is hosting the Residency Open Day for Fulbright-Nehru Fellow , Prof Hannah Barnes , Faculty of Art , Ball State University, USA. She has been part of a month long Utsha Residency from Nov 1 – Nov 30 , 2017.
Her residency project focuses on the tradition of pattachitra as it relates to her research and work as an abstract painter. The resulting works are a first attempt to integrate aspects of this complex tradition with her own creative practice, which stems from a love of pattern, process, and geometric abstraction. During her residency she traveled to nearby Raghurajpur to visit studios, speak with artists, and learn about pattachitra craft. She also worked closely with master painters from Jagannathpur who acquainted her with the entire process of pattachitra, including the making of patta using old sari fabric.
Her experimental work based on these inquiries will be on display on November 28, 2017, on the Utsha grounds as part of the Residency Open Day.