Bhubaneswar: The 5th Convocation of Centurion University of Technology & Management was held in the university campus on Monday.

Gracing the Convocation,  Odisha governor Dr.SC Jamir said, “World has moved from an industry-driven society to a knowledge-driven society, the nature of capital, resources, processes, structures, etc all underwent a redefinition. It is the knowledge and the people who are become critical in today’s world. Since knowledge is the principal resource that the university creates and disseminates, its position in this new society becomes all the more important.”

Governor said, “We are living in a world transformed by technology. Scientific advances have changed and are changing our offices, our factories, our homes, schools and streets. The smartphone in pocket contains an advanced technology. The new computer models can now map the geography of our minds. Microscopic nano-robots can swim through our veins. Science fiction is turning into science fact. Research is a key aspect of university functioning. Among the huge range of prospects and opportunities for outstanding research it is for the  university to identify focus areas. We have to encourage and support research that is driven by curiosity, by the sheer desire to understand-at the same time that we pursue discoveries that have immediate measurable impact”.

The director of Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University, Australia, Prof. Ruth Wallace,  stressed upon realignment of skills to adopt to the new sustainable growth economy. The former minister, skill & training, Australia, Steven Herbert,  urged students to make the best opportunities which are available to them in new world.

Vice chancellor Prof. Haribandhu Panda, president Prof. Muktikanta Mishra, vice president, Prof D. N. Rao, and registrar  Prof. Anita Patra  spoke on the occasion. Degrees and medals were conferred on the successful students.