Bhubaneswar: Sri Sri University in association with the National Stock Exchange Academy organized a national seminar on financial markets, ‘Investellar’, in the university campus at Naraj on Friday. Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies at Sri Sri university and NSE academy runs a collaborative one year program called Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Markets since 2017.

The Assistant Vice President of National Stock Exchange, Kolkata, Tojo Banerjee, chairman Sai International Group and JSS Group Dr.Bijoy Kumar Sahoo, CEO Goela School of Finance & Tedx Speaker, New Delhi,  Harsh Goela,  Co-CEO of Goela School, Aditya Goela, MD Indian Internal Audit Head, JP Morgan & Chase, Mumbai,  Himanshu Shah, vice chancellor Sri Sri University, Dr.Nand Lal,technocrat DineshKashikar and president Sri Sri University Rajita Bagga addressed the seminar.

Rajita Bagga, in her address,  provided a brief outlook on the financial crisis of 2008 and mentioned that one of its underlying causes was due to unmanaged stress like overwork, peer pressure, and over ambitious nature of the senior managers in the industry. “Ethics should be the basis of our work and one’s success will be determined by how ethical they are”, said Bagga.

Dr.Bijoy Kumar Sahoo provided a brief history of business and finance in India and mentioned that India was prosperous and wealthy due to the good quality of education in India. He mentioned, “Amazon doesn’t have a store and Air BnB doesn’t have a room; with the advancement of technologies such as machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, the job scenario in finance will change”.

Ted x speakers Harsh Goela in his mesmerizing speech mentioned that the only way to beat the real inflation, which is around 11 – 12 %, is not through savings but investing as interest on savings will be lower than the rate of inflation.

Around 200 Students of over fifteen academic institutions from Cuttack and Bhubaneswar have attended the day long national seminar.