By Aditya Nayak

Mumbai: Salman Khan has triggered another controversy for himself because of a scene for Bharat movie that required the team to hoist a Pakistan flag.

The team wanted to shoot a sequence at the Wagah border, however, was not possible for security issues. Hence, the team chose a village in Punjab where they recreated the scene.

Everything was fine and good until they put up a Pakistan flag on Indian soil. For which the villagers got extremely upset and filed a police complaint against Salman Khan.

The villagers protested the use of Pakistani flag on Indian soil while the shooting was going on. They also demonstrated in front of the hotel where Salman was staying.

After sensing the unfavorable situation, Salman Khan and the entire team and headed back to Mumbai.

Salman Khan sometimes ago was also in trouble for his recently produced movie ‘Love Yatri’.

Unfurling Pakistani flag as part of film shooting is new. But, the nation has witnessed such issues earlier in Kashmir and in places like Mumbai as well, when Pakistan flags have been waved during India-Pak cricket matches.