New Delhi: Congress is coming to power at the Centre after the 2019 general elections. This is what Fitch Solutions Macro Research, an affiliate of internationally reputed rating agency Fitch, has indicated.

The opposition Congress party has a “fair chance” at forming the government with support from regional allies, says the Fitch Solution report.

The Indian National Congress party, headed by Rahul Gandhi, has a fair chance of marshaling a coalition government, it added.

Interestingly, the report says that the general perception that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi will retain his power the polls may not come true.

“We at Fitch Solutions are bucking the overwhelming consensus at this juncture that the BJP will most likely form the next government after the upcoming elections”, says Fitch Solution report.

Stating that neither of the country’s main national parties is likely to get a majority in the coming Lok Sabha elections, Fitch says, ” That means both will have to try and cobble together coalition with regional parties.” Since BJP is in disagreement with many large “potential kingmaker parties”, it would difficult for it to garner enough support to form the government, explains the report.

The Fitch report has cited the India Today poll survey which predicted that the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) coalition would get 237 seats, down from 336 in 2014 federal elections, and fall short of the majority mark in India’s 543 seat Lok Sabha.

The Fitch Solution says that the Modi government’s poll sops like the PM Krishak Samman Nidhi Yojana will have ‘minimal effect’ on swinging voters to its side. The BJP’s effort to take electoral advantage from the Pulwama attack drumming up nationalistic sentiment to has failed. BJP’s defeat in various by-elections followed by losing of power in three heartland states to Congress party in December 2018 “have shown declining support for Modi and the BJP.”