Narendrapur:Tata Steel BSL, (formerly known as Bhushan Steel Limited),  dedicateda 5.3 km-long cement concrete road connecting NH-55 to 8 villages around its plant at Narendrapur in Dhenkanal district of Odisha.

Hindol MLA Seemarani Nayak formally inaugurated the newly built road in presence of Tata Steel BSL managing director Rajeev Singhal, CEO Subodh Pandey, and corporate services Manikanta Naik.

Speaking on the occasion Singhal thanked the community and local administration for their whole-hearted support to the project to complete it in record time and reaffirmed Tata Steel BSL’s commitment for inclusive growth of the region through many such-socio economic interventions. The company has envisaged a long-termstrategy for this based on a comprehensive study conducted with the help from a professional agency, he added.

Built at a cost of around Rs5.5 crores and linking NH-55 to Sarpa village, the road has also one km long drain along its side. Around 10,000 people from 8 villages around the plant including Talabahal, Ganthigadia, Sarpa, Raghunathpur, Badibahal, Khaliberena, Kankalu, Paikapurunakote, etc. will benefit from it.