Bhubaneswar : Poor men’s houses will now have professional architectural touches. Till now it was the luxury of the rich people who can afford the architect fees.

The Forum of Architecture Alumni of CET, Bhubaneswar (FAACET) is going to organise an innovative NAKSA (Noble Affordable Knowledgeable Social Architecture) Camp to provide on-spot architectural solutions to economically weaker section on Saturday at Bhajan Mandap, Old town, near Lingaraj Temple.

TheNAKSA Camp, a first of such effort by any architectural groups in Odisha, is surely going to be the cynosure of this year’s event, as it justifies the theme connect, by reaching out to the needy in our society as many still feel that consulting an architect would make the cost more or even not affordable at all for people from low-income strata.

The NAKSA Camp will also provide suggestions or guidance to people to apply for housing plan under BMC/BDA and it will be a pilot project on August 10 for people under Ekamra Assembly Constituency area.

Later it would be organised on other occasions in other part of the Ekamra Assembly segments as well’’ said advisor to FAACET, well-known architect Akshay Beuria. He has requested the residents of Ekamra Assembly Constituency area to come in large numbers to the camp between 11 am and 2.30 pm so that the members of FAACET also can extend their help to maximum number of people.

The NAKSA Camp will be inaugurated by Social Security and Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities(SSEPD), Public Enterprises, Science and Technology Minister Ashok Chandra Panda.