Ranchi: Bolywood film actress Shipa Shetty and actor Govinda  got relief from legal tangle for their song “… Badle mein UP, Bihar le le” of film Chhote Sarkar.

The Jharkhand high court Thursday quashed the summons issued by a lower court against actors Shilpa & Govinda in connection with the song the film, in which they had acted.

In 1996, which Jharkhand was part of Bihar, One M M Tiwari had lodged a complaint with the Pakur lower court claiming the image the song has derogated the name of Bihar. The court had summoned the stars duo for appearance in the court in this connection which was challenged in the high court.

The bench of Justice A K Gupta on Thursday set aside the summons issued by a Pakur court, accepting the contention of the defense counsel.

Abhay Mishra, the defense counsel told the high court bench that films are shown as per Cinematograph Act, 1952. Censor Board gives certificate and licence to show films and after a film is released, it does not come under the purview of Indian Penal Code, he pointed out.

Chhote Sarkar was released in 1996 in undivided Bihar in 1996. And, the two actors lent their lips for the duet song ‘… badle mein UP-Bihar le le”

The complaint was filed soon after the release of the film, ‘Chhote Sarkar’, in 1996, claiming that the two actors synced their lips in a duet ‘…badle mein UP-Bihar le le.