Rourkela: The Blast Furnace-5 of Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP), one of the biggest blast furnaces in the country, surpassed a major milestone on last Sunday by producing 14 million tonnes of hot metal since metal tapping started in 2013. The rebuilt Blast Furnace-1 of RSP also exceeded 1 million tonne of hot metal production on the same day since re-commissioning in May 2018.

The RSP CEO,Dipak Chattaraj, accompanied by ED(Works) Gautam Banerjee and CGM(Projects) Atanu Bhowmick, visited the Blast Furnace department and  congratulated the collective on achieving the feat.

Speaking on the occasion, the CEO said, “Its a pleasant coincident that both the Blast Furnaces achieved the milestones on the auspicious occasion of Kumar Purnima, the festival of Laxmi Puja and birthday of Lord Karthik. It’s a big   milestone and I feel proud of it. Let’s strive hard and make consistent efforts to scale many more peaks of excellence.”

It is worth mentioning here that Blast Furnace-5 ‘Durga’ one of country’s largest operating blast furnaces had started hot metal tapping in 2013. Similarly, Blast Furnace-1, the first blast furnace of the country under Public Sector undertaking was rebuilt with augmented capacity and blown- in in May, 2018.