By: Jugaad Journalist

Bhubaneswar: It is an unlikely statement from a politician.

The beleaguered Odisha Pradesh Congress president, Niranjan Patnaik, has appealed the people of Odisha to skip Chhad Khai.

Patnaik, who is currently facing a raging dissidents movement to dislodge his from the top post, has urged the people not to celebrate Chhad Khai by killing fish, birds and animals.

Chhad Khai is a festival which falls on the day following the holy Kartik Purnima. People, who abstained from taking non-veg meals for the whole month of holy Kartika, break that resolve by having non-veg food on Chhad Khai day. Such is the demand for egg, fish,chicken and mutton that the sales reach new high despite artificial inflated prices for such non-veg stuff.

But, the PCC President has urged the people refrain from such activities. He has urged them not to encourage killing of birds and goats.

Patnaik, in a press statement in party’s letter head, has stated, “Our belief is that the god who has created man has created all the living creatures in the this world. I appeal to you all not to encourage killing of thousands of living creatures to appease your tongue on the occasion of Chhad Khai.”

Jugaad Journalist overheard dissident leader saying that Patnaik has taken Jaina dharma only to deny non-veg treat to his supporters on Chhad Khai.