New Delhi: Justice H. L. Dattu, chairperson , NHRC, India  presented awards to the winners of the Commission’s 2019- short film competition on human rights at a function on Human Rights Day, here on Tuesday.

They includedMr. Vishal Kumbhar for his film ‘Kumbhil Shiva”, Mr. Ernest Rosario PB for his film “Transcender”and Mr. Vijeendra Syam for his film  “Gulp”. The winners were given Rs one lakh, 75 thousand and 50 thousand as the first, second and the third prize respectively along with certificates and trophies.

The film ‘Kumbhil Shiva” by Vishal Kumbhar depicts the plight of a child rape victim and her family in getting justice. The film “Transcender” by Ernest Rosario P.B. highlights the struggles of a transcender to seek recognition in mainstream of society by chasing her dream to become a police officer. The silent film ‘Gulp’ by Vijeendra Syam focuses on the onslaught of development resulting in loss of natural habitat through the story of an old man.

Congratulating the winners, Justice Dattu said that the Commission has decided to  double the prize money from the next year from rupees one lakh to two lakh, 75 thousand to 1.5 lakh and rupees 50 thousand to one lakh. He said that the objective of the scheme was to involve people, particularly the young generation, to ponder over various aspects of human rights and express their views through visual media.  It was hoped that such efforts would help in encouraging people to stand up for each others’ rights, thereby, creating an environment of rights consciousness.

The jury headed by Dr. D.M. Mulay, member, NHRC, short listing 12 films out of more than 80 films after a day long exercise and thus, helping the Full Commission to select the three best films out of them and the four for Special Mention.

Besides, the three award winning films,  Certificates of Special Mention were also given to the four films, including ‘To Let’ by K. Jeyanchandra Hashmi , ‘A Dying Wish’  by Shubhra Dixit, “Nima’ by Yangchen Thapa, and ‘Do Spit Here’ by R. Ravi Prasath.

Jaideep Govind, Secretary General of the Commission, juri members Arun Chadha and Reena Mohan were present.

NHRC Members, Justice P.C.Pant, Jyotika Kalra, Dr. D.M. Mulay Director General (Investigation), Prabhat Singh were also present.