New Delhi: Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik reiterated his demand for inclusion of word ‘Ahimsha’ in the Preamble of Indian Constitution.

Addressing the second meeting of the National Committee for Celebration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Gandhiji at Rastrapati Bhawan, here on Thursday, Patnaik said Ahimsha is the powerful message that India has given to the world. It is non-violence which had made our freedom struggle different from others.

Stating that Ahimsha is the path for peace, development and equality, the chief minister urged the youth to adopt Gandhiji’s Ahimsha for development.

Patnaik said Gandhiji was believing that poverty and social injustice could be eradicated by Ahimsha. Stating that only by Ahimsha the forces that were dividing society on on religion, caste, creed and colour could be defeated, he said development and progress could be possible only when these divisive forces were defeated.

The Odisha chief minister said the riches tribute to Mahatma Gandhi could be paid if the word Ahimsha would be incorporated in the Preamble of Indian Constitution. This would remind the future generations of India and the world about the firm truth of this world Ahimsha, he asserted.