Bhubaneswar: Railway services Kharagpur-Bhadrak section in Odisha disrupted Sunday as one of the girders of a Railway Over Bridge (ROB) fell on the track in between Balasore and Nilgiri Road.

An East Coast Railway press statement said that the Rsilway have taken safety related modernisation work between Balasore and Nilgiri Road Railway stations in Bhadrak-Kharagpur Railway section under Kharagpur Railway Division of South Eastern Railway today in connection with launching of girder for construction of Road Over Bridge (ROB) .

During the maintenance work one of the girders fall down on railway track affecting other girders. As a result, all the lines were blocked and OHE was damaged.

In view of the above trains were cancelled, diverted, partially cancelled and controlled enroute as per the following –

Cancellation of train:

  1. 68050 Bhadrak-Kharagpur MEMU on 29.12.2019

2. 12278 Puri-Howrah Shatabdi Express from Puri on 30.12.2019

Diversion of Trains:

  1. 22811 Bhubaneswar-New Delhi Rajdhani Express from Bhubaneswar today run via Jakhpura-Jaroli-Adra
  2. 12551 Yeshvantpur-Kamakhya Express via Jakhpur-Jaroli-Adra
  3. 12875 Puri-Anand Vihar Terminal Neelachal Express from Puri today via Jakhpura-Jaroli-Tata
  4. 12245 Howrah-Yeshvantpur Duronto Express via Kharagpur-Tata-Jaroli-Jakhpura
  5. 12504 Agartala-Bangalore Cant Express via Kharagapur-Tata-Jaroli-Jakhpura
  6. 12663 Howrah-Tiruchirapalli Superfast Express via Kharagapur-Tata-Jaroli-Jakhpura Re-scheduling of Trains:
  7. 12819 Bhubaneswar-Anand Vihar Terminal Express re-scheduled at 1800 hrs, today.
  8. 12822 Puri-Howrah Dhauli Express re-scheduled at 1800 hrs, today.
  9. 03102 Puri-Sealdah Special re-scheduled at 1945 hrs, today.
  10. 12277 Howrah-Puri Shatabdi Express on 29-12-2019 at 2345 hrs.
  11. 12839 Howrah-Chennai Mail leaving Howrah on 29-12-2019 re-scheduled at 0530 hrs. on 30-12-2019 Short-termination of Trains : 1. 12821 Howrah-Puri Dhauli Express, earlier announced for partial cancellation will run on on normal route.
  12. 68409 Khargapur-Bhadrak MEMU short-terminated at Haldipada and returned as a passenger special towards Kharagpur. NB : Bold letters are updated along with earlier information.