Bhubaneswar: A team of security forces from Odisha Police, BSF, CoBRA and Andhra Police launched an extensive composite operation in Swabhiman Anchal (cut-off area) in Malkangir district in January 2020, which was one of the biggest counter- LWE operations in the area, recovered huge quantities of arms and ammunitions from Maoists hideouts following a raid on their camp.

This operation provided security coverage for road construction in the cut off areas which was opposed by the Maoists. Connectivity in the area brings development which in turn changes the perception of the people of the area towards mainstreaming with the society.

Immediately after this composite operation there was an exchange of fire between a team led by S.P. and comprising of SOG and DVF commandoes of Odisha Police and the Maoists at Goiguda village on 15.01.2020. On the basis of specific information recovered from Maoists documents and electronic devices seized post this exchange of fire, SOG and DVF teams of Odisha Police had launched intense search and area domination exercises resulting in uncovering of the major Maoist hideouts and dumps in Swabhiman Anchal and adjoining areas.
“This had led to recovery and seizure of huge quantity of Maoists arms, ammunitions, equipments and other articles”, said the Odisha DGP Abhay.


  1. Insaas Light Machine Gun(LMG)- 01
  2. Innsaas rifles -03
  3. Carbine Sten guns- 03
  4. SLR rifle -01
  5. 303 rifle-01
  6. Pistol- 01
  7. 5.56 mm Ammunition 202 rounds
  8. 7.62 Ammunition 59 rounds
  9. 9 mm Ammunition 42 rounds
  10. LMG magazines 04
  11. INSAS magazines 08
  12. SLR magazine 02
  13. Carbine magazines 06
  14. .303 magazine 01
  15. VHF set cum scanner 02
  16. Optical sight 01
  17. Tiffin bomb along with explosive 01
  18. Gun powder explosive 100 gm
  19. Cordex wire 05 bundles
  20. Flexi wire one bundle
  21. Magazine pouch 04
  22. Flash light 01
  23. Other articles and documents

“This is a major jolt to the subversive and anti-national designs of the Maoists in this area,” asserted Abhay.
It is suspected that these arms and ammunitions could have been looted from the police in the past. This is under verification.
We suspect that the cache of arms were hidden by the Maoists of Andhra-Odisha Border Special Zonal Committee (ABSZC). In the wake of recovery, police have intensified combing and area domination exercises in the region in a bid to recover more such Naxal dumps if any.