Bhubaneswar: Odisha government has fast tracked its mines auction process to award the mines before the expiry of the lease period.

The lease of 24 mines is expiring by March 31,2020. The government is taking steps to select developers for these mines through auction by this time.

The State government in December listed 20 of these mines for auction. However, the auction of Badampahad iron ore mines in Mayurbhanj district had to be dropped following a court directives. Out of the remaining 19 mines, auction process of 8 mines have completed and developers for the same have been selected. The auction of 11 mines would be completed by February 18.

Earlier the government had invited bids for two mines in August 31 and auction of the same had been completed. The government is proposing to invite bids for one iron mines and one chromite mines on February 22.

According to Odisha mines director Deepak Mohanty the auction of the mines would be completed by March 2020.