Puri: Priest and Brahmins of temples in Odisha are in utter distress during the this prolonged lock down period.

As the temples have directed not be opened for devotees, and religious congregations have been banned, the earnings of priests and brahmins have come to a cropper. They are now in dire distress.

However, underthe guidance of Srimad Jagat Guru Sankarachariya ji of Puri, Aditya Bhahini, has started its journey for distributing essential food item  to the  Brahmins &  Priests of various temples of odisha during this lock down.  
In this initiative on Monday, Swati Kejriwal, one of the active and blessed member of Aditya Bahini, donated the food and essential commodities to distribute among  70 brahmins of Niali at Madhavananda temple, which is a very ancient traditional temple.

Like wise this distribution work will reach to the different areas in Odisha.The journey of Aditya Bahini members started at 10 am from Suchana Bhawan , AG sqare, Bhubaneswar. The entire program was coordinated by Pt. Matruprasad Mishra, General Secretary, Aditya Bahini, Goverdhan Maths, Puri.