Bhubaneswar: If Lord Rama is an Nepali, then Lord Buddha is an Indian and Odia.

This has been said by Odisha’s former chief secretary Ajit Tripathy.

Recently, Nepal prime minister KP Sharma Oli has kicked off a controversy by claiming that the birth place of Lord Rama is in Nepal and Lord Rama is a Nepali.

Reacting to this statement of Oli , former chief secretary of Odisha Ajit Tripathy has said that if that is the case the Neapal prime minister should accept that Lord Buddha was born in Odisha. And Lord Buddha is an Indian. He said there is enough evidence that Buddha was born in Odisa.

“If Oli is claiming Lord Rama was a Nepali without any historical evidence, then he should accept that Lord Buddha was an Indian and was born in Odisha as there is enough evidence to prove so.”

Tripathy along with historians Chandrabhanu Patel and Prafulla Tripathy has written a book -New Horizons of Buddhism in Odisha- arguing in favour of Buddha’s birth in Odisha. The former chief secretary has stated in the book that Goutam Buddha was born in the outskirt of Bhubaneswar city and not in Lumbini village of Nepal.

The findings of Tripathy is hosted in http://

Ajit Tripathy, who has got a doctorate degree for his thesis on Jaydev’s Gitagobinda, has also claimed that the ancient poet Jaydev was born in Odisha and not West Bengal. The ancient poet was born in Kenduli village in the outskirt of Bhubaneswar city. He has also claimed that the Ramagiri mountain depicted in ancient poet Kalidas’ Meghadoota is located in Odisha.