New Delhi: The National President of the Indian Youth Congress Shri Srinivas BV has demanded from the Central Government that gyms and gymnasiums should be allowed to open with social distancing.

” In the Corona era, many youth lost their jobs due to unplanned lockdown and mismanagement of the economy. Now that the nationwide lockdown has opened and economic activities have been started. In such a situation, the closure of gyms and gymnasiums across the country is unthinkable.”

Srinivas said, “There is a need to open gyms and gymnasiums. This will help increase the immunity of the people of the country, while millions of youth who became unemployed due to lockdown will be helped to get employment. We demand from the Central Government that when the lockdown has been lifted and other economic activities are going on normally, it is beyond comprehension to keep gyms and gymnasiums closed. The central government should allow the running of gymnasiums and gyms with the guidelines of social distancing.
He said, “To prepare for sports, to stay healthy, to develop immunity, running of gym and gymnasiums is necessary. It will also help in connecting youth with employment.”

The prolonged lockdown has resulted in mass unemployment in the country. In the May report of the central government for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), 2 crore 70 lakh youth aged 20 to 30 years lost their jobs during the first lockdown in April.

Now that the lockdown is over in the entire country, all kinds of economic activities are being carried out with social distancing, and then the ban on gymnasium and gym is unjust and should be removed. Preparing for sports, staying healthy and developing immune capacity are all a part of the basic rights of citizens, so we demand from the government that the ban on running of gyms and gymnasiums should be lifted without delay in view of India’s large young population.