• JioFiber Home tariff plans will now offer truly unlimited internet
  • All Home plans to have symmetric speed, that is download speed = upload speed
  • Tariff plans start from only Rs 399 per month
  • JioFiber to provide no-condition 30-day Free Trial of 150 Mbps internet, 4K Set Top Box with subscription to 10 OTT apps for all new users

Mumbai: To further reinforce its customer-obsession and celebrate Naye India Ka Naya Josh, JioFiber has revamped its tariff plans to empower every Indian home. These new tariff plans provide extreme affordability during these challenging times, when dependable internet connectivity has become a necessary norm.


Truly Unlimited Internet
Symmetric Speed (Upload speed = Download speed)
Plans starting at only Rs 399/month
Subscription to the top 12 PAID OTT apps at NO EXTRA COST

Commenting on this development, Jio director Akash Ambani said “JioFiber is already the largest Fiber provider in the country with over a million connected homes, but our vision for India and Indians is much larger. We want to take Fiber to each and every home and empower every member of the family. After making India the largest and the fastest growing country in mobile connectivity with Jio, JioFiber will propel India into global broadband leadership, thereby providing broadband to over 1,600 cities and towns. I urge everyone to Join the JioFiber movement to make India the broadband leader of the world.”


Try JioFiber for 30-days with:
150 Mbps truly unlimited internet
4K set top box with access to top 10 paid OTT apps AT NO COST
Free voice calling
If you don’t like the service, we will take it back, no questions asked.
The 30-day free trial is applicable for all new customers


High speed internet: Fully reliable internet and WiFi at home that delivers education, work, health and shopping experiences to every member of the home.
Entertainment: The entertainment experience is transformed with on-demand videos, LiveTV, Movies and much more. Get access to the top 12 PAID OTT apps such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ Hotstar, etc. at no extra cost. From YouTube on TV to binge watching your favourite TV shows from the past, its all available in one app – JioTV Plus.
Ease of content discovery: Searching through the largest library of content made easy with voice search on the Jio Remote.
Connect with the world: Connect with your friends, family or workplace through free HD voice calling or make video calls and conference to anyone, anywhere in the world.
Work from home: With JioMeet and dependable broadband connectivity, work from home without any limitations
Health at home: JioMeet and dependable broadband connectivity allows you to remotely consult doctors and carry out important diagnosis
Education at home: With JioMeet app and dependable broadband connectivity enjoy learning at home
Games at home: JioGames provides interesting gaming options for an enjoyable gaming experience


New JioFiber customers activating from 1st September, will get the 30-day Free Trial
Since Jio has always believed in rewarding loyalty, its existing JioFiber users will get special benefits as mentioned below:
Plans of all existing JioFiber customers will be upgraded to match the benefits of the new tariff plans
Any JioFiber customer onboarded between 15th and 31st August will also get the 30-day free trial benefit as a voucher in MyJio