Rourkela: For inclusive development of a country, strong socio-economic structure is necessary along with the industrial advancement, said the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind. He was speaking on the occasion of inauguration of a Super Specialty Hospital in the Rourkela Steel Plant Sunday. 

The President said that Rourkela Steel Plant has played a major role in the industrial development of our country. He emphasized that for inclusive development of a country, strong socio-economic structure is necessary along with the industrial advancement. He noted that Rourkela Steel Plant has been sensitive in this regard. It has made conscious efforts to bring changes in not only in the industrial activities but also in the fields of healthcare, education, culture, sports, etc. 

The President noted that till now this area was deprived of super specialty medical facility. About six years ago, the Prime Minister had laid the foundation for developing the Ispat General Hospital as a Super-Specialty Hospital. And today it is ready to serve the people of region. He noted that this Hospital would not only cater the super specialty medical needs Odisha but also adjoining areas of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. 

The President said that good governance has two important pillars – education and healthcare. Both of them have contributed immensely to the development of human civilization. But, in the past years, the importance of healthcare has received worldwide attention. Covid-19 pandemic has shown its macabre form across the world. In this difficult time, our medical fraternity has fought an extraordinary battle against an invisible and unknown enemy. He noted that in Rourkela and its adjoining areas, the medical teams of SAIL did commendable work of protecting people by their tireless efforts. He said that the nation would always be indebted to them for the selfless services rendered by the healthcare community and their dedication to humanity. 

The President also praised the scientists for their tireless efforts. He said that it was only through their persistent efforts that the biggest vaccination campaign in history has been started in India. With this, India is not only becoming self-sufficient in manufacturing the vaccines, but also we are providing vaccines to other countries free of cost or at very reasonable price. 

The President said that Covid-19 pandemic has given us many important lessons. One of the lessons is that as a nation, we must continue to strive to improve the healthcare system and make it equally accessible to all. In recent times, we have invested a lot in primary health services, and our objective behind this is to expand healthcare coverage to reach under-served people and far-reach areas. He said that improvement in people’s access to secondary and tertiary healthcare is equally important. He was happy to note that this is also being taken care of under the Ayushman Bharat – Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana.