Rourkela: The Captive Power Plants of Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) registered splendid performance in the financial year 2020-21. The team CPP led by B S Kartha, CGM (Power) received the runners-up trophy from Plant CEO Dipak Chattaraj in the function organised at Blast Furnace-5 ‘Durga’, recently.

Notably, the indomitable spirit and unwavering efforts of the CPP collective helped the units touch many new highs. The units achieved average power generation of 61.67 Mega Watt Hour in FY21. CPP-3 registered a growth of 28.5% over the previous financial year in this regard.

The major jobs carried out in the CPP-1 include the successful overhauling of Turbo-Alternator-3 which contributed in the enhanced power generation from CPP-1. The main Oil Pump in Turbo-Blower # 6 was replaced resulting in its enhanced reliability. A new Blast Furnace Gas line was connected to CPP-1 and successfully commissioned. As a result, the coal consumption was reduced substantially from 27431 tonnes per month in 2019-2020 to 18253 tonnes per month thus helping the plant save coal worth Rs. 3 crores each month. The consumption of LDO and HSD also reduced from 306 kilo litre per month in FY 20 to 96 kilo litre per month in FY 21which resulted in savings of Rs 1.2 crore each month.

 Similarly, the CPP-3 unit comprising Power Blowing Station & Top Recovery Turbine Generator and CDCP Boilers & Back Pressure Turbine Generator helped the plant improve its bottom line with remarkable performance in FY21. The unit achieved the highest ever average monthly power generation of 42.43 MW in October 2020. Besides, the unit registered all time high average daily power generation of 48.11 MW on 3rd February, 2021.

The unit also clocked the highest shift power generation of 50.49 MW in C-Shift on 30th January, 2021. The enterprising collective of the department carried out many major overhauling jobs to enhance the efficiency of the unit. A major pipeline modification of inter-connecting turbo-blower cooling water pumps to auxiliary cooling water pumps circuit was executed.

The other major jobs include the revival and commissioning of Sulphuric acid dosing in cooling water circuit of turbo-blowers and steam turbine generators, technological up-gradation and commissioning of DCS system in PBS for boiler#1 and STGs and in BPTG, implementation of the protection of house load transformer through fibre optic network between CPP#1 & PBS. Also the erection, testing and commissioning of feed control line was executed to facilitate smooth hydro-testing of all CDCP boilers.