Bhubaneswar: The ESI Hospital, Bhubaneswar, observed the World No Tobacco Day in the institution premises, here on Monday.

The hospital staff under the leadership of the ESI Hospital superintendent Dr. Dillip Kumar Sahu created awareness against tobacco among the patient’s and the general public.

The theme of 2021 World No Tobacco Day is ” Commit To Quit. Using Tobacco kills around 6 million people around the world out of which 1 million is from India. The adverse effect of using tobacco and smoking creates premature ageing, heart attack, chronic COPD, bronchial asthma, T B, oral & lungs cancer. Peripheral Vascular Diseases, Gangrene of the foot due to use of excess tobacco. Most of the people suffer premature blindness due to early macular degeneration, Glaucoma. Also infertility occurs in case of married woman.
Active smokers sometimes circulate to children and the surroundings to inhale tobacco, smokes as a passive smokers. Those innocent passive smokers suffers very badly.

Covid-19 deaths on this pandemic is exaggerated due to tobacco users.
“So on this day, an appeal to the public to quit smoking by consulting with doctors and paramedical staffs”, said Dr. Sahu.