Bhubaneswar: Chief minister Naveen Patnaik has said that community involvement in developmental planning is essential for balanced regional growth.

The chief minister said this while joining an induction programme for 56 senior economic investigators in the planning & convergence department. These investigators will be involved in collection, compilation, scrutiny and analysis of data pertaining to local area development schemes. They also provide support to district 0lanning and monitoring units and assist in preparation of comprehensive district plan and monitoring of local area development schemes.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief minister emphasised on evidence based outcome oriented planning, leading to achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and better Human Development Indices. This will ensure growth with justice and equity, he said. He stressed that systematic developmental planning requires involvement of the community and elected representatives who have better knowledge of the local needs and resources. Such an approach will help address the distortions in the local level planning and lead to balanced regional growth, he added.

He further said that planning is the most critical tool for achieving any target oriented goal. A proper planning supported by appropriate data analysis and better implementation is a pre-requisite for the success of our development process. Focussing on the significance of P& C Department, he said that it formulates the State’s overall development strategies. It also strives to remove regional disparities through various Local Area Development Programmes to make the growth process inclusive across regions. It oversees convergence of resources, and its utilisation to serve the development needs of the State, he added.

Congratulating the new senior economic investigators, the CM said, “You are now part of the state’s planning process. I believe your talent and energy will be an asset for the state. I expect you to excel in your work and make best use of your knowledge for the development of the state. ”

Speaking on the occasion, P & C minister Padmanav Behera outlined the role of P&C Department in decentralizing planning and monitoring of development schemes.

Chief secretary Suresh Chandra Mohapatra said that the department has a crucial role in planning for sustainable development. He added that the department makes a close monitoring of schemes to realize developmental goals.

Secretary to CM (5T) V.K. Pandian moderated the programme.

In his welcome address development commissioner P.K. Jena said that the new officers will undergo a 3 month training on various aspects of planning at local level.