Bhubaneswar: Odisha government has invited tenders for auction of 11 mines including the Kalrapat bauxite mines.

Besides the bauxite mines, the government has listed for auction 7 iron ore blocks, 2 iron ore & manganese blocks and one iron ore & dolomite block. While 7 mines in the list are vurgin blocks, 4 are on auction block as their lease periods have been expired.

The other mines that have been put on the auction block are Kasia Iron Ore & Dolmite, Nadidih Iron Ore Block(BICO), Nadidih Iron Ore & Manganese Block(FEEGRADE), Teherai Iron Ore & Manganese Block, Purheibahal Iron Ore Block, Chandiposhi Iron Ore Block, Jumka Pathirposhi Pahar Iron Ore Block, Dholtapahar Iron Ore Block, Netrabandha Pahar (West) Iron Ore Block and Gandhalpada Iron Ore Block.