Rourkela: Bolani Ores Mines (BOM) belonging to Odisha Group of Mines of Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP), has recorded all time best monthly performance with production of 6,45,863 tonnes of Run of Mines (ROM),  in the month of July-2021. With this it has surpassed its earlier record of 6,43,102 tonnes created in Dec-2020. In July, BOM also produced  4,08,390 tonnes of Fines and 6,57,003 tonnes of lumps and fines which crossed its previous milestone laid in July, 2019. The despatch on the other hand, was registered at 6,55,157 tonnes.

The mines of SAIL are also carrying out activities related to selling of fines. By dispatching 104086 Tonnes of dump fines by road in July’21, BOM registered its highest ever sale of dump Fines by road.

On the other hand, the Kalta Iron Mines (KIM) of RSP also achieved its highest ever Run of Mine (ROM) for any month by producing of 364000 Tonnes in July’21 surpassing the earlier best performance of 351000 Tonnes achieved in April, 2020.  Besides  KIM has recorded the highest ever lump & fines production and highest ever lump & fines despatch in the month of July, since inception. On 14th July, 2021, KIM recorded the highest ever production of 12944.29 Tonnes for any day.