Rourkela: Raw Material Handling Plant of Rourkela Steel Plant excelled in its production, productivity and performance in the calendar year 2021 in spite of Covid induced challenges.

Base Mix stacking, Wagon unloading and Iron Ore Lump screening saw an average growth rate of more than 15 percent over the previous year. Ore dispatch and Base Mix dispatch registered a growth of 16 and 17 percent respectively. Similarly dispatch with Sinter recorded a growth of 21.6 percent. Similarly Coke crushing and Flux crushing rose by 16 and 35 percent respectively.

The unit also recorded highest Basemix stacking of 7,97,714 ton in May 2021, highest Base Mix dispatch of 7,61,897 in July 2021, best ever total dispatch (without Sinter) of 11,62,204 ton in August 2021 and best ever total dispatch (with Sinter) 12,20,251 ton in July 2021. Highest Flux crushing of 1,01,340 ton was registered in February 2021 and highest Coke crushing of  54,765 ton in May 2021.

Several new facilities were commissioned in RMHP to improve its overall performance. These include, an Anti collision system in Bucket Wheel Reclaimer-3 and Stacker Cum Reclaimer ( Phase-III) and RADIO Modem in Barell-4,5,6,7, Stacker Cum Reclaimer & Bucket Wheel Reclaimer-3 ( Phase-III). Belt Weighing systems was also commissioned and stabilised in Belt Conveyors-15, 16, 214, 223, 124,107.  Industrial A/C was installed in all Yard Equipments of Phase-III. Modified CRD system was fabricated, erected and Commissioned in Paddle Feeder-3 and Auto proportioning of base mix  was introduced in Phase-II

All these helped in coping up with the rising production trend of the plant and encash the favourable market condition during the pandemic.