Dhamra (Odisha): Gadadhar Sahu would have been buried under coal on the night of Tuesday but for the alert and quick response by the Dhamra Port staff.

Gadadhara Sahu (22), a resident of Debapokhari, Bautipur Bhadrak was sleeping on top of the coal-loaded wagon. The wagon was being emptied at the wagon tippler.

rescued by DPCL staff Dhamra, from inside the port premises. Just when the wagon was being tilted, the control room camera operator noticed movement on top of the coal wagon and informed the operators on the ground. The said person was helped and brought down from the wagon. This timely action by the Dhamra staff prevented a fatal accident from occurring and thus helped in saving a precious life. Thereafter, the person was taken to a safe location and provided all the help and support to make him comfortable. It was later found out that the said person had climbed the coal wagon at Bhadrak and slept on top of the wagon. He realized that he was inside the port only when the wagon was being emptied at the wagon tippler point.