Mumbai: JSW Energy Limited Thursday reported its results for the first quarter ended June 30, 2022.

Key Highlights of Q1 FY23 (Consolidated):
• Overall Generation: higher by 14% YoY on the back of strong merchant demand, better hydrology and capacity increase in RE
• Total Thermal Generation: up 12% YoY, driven by increased merchant market sales
• Total Hydro Generation: higher by 13% YoY due to better hydrology and uprating at Karcham Wangtoo
• Commenced operations at the 225 MW solar power plant at Vijayanagar with quarter exit CUF of 27%
Consolidated Financial:
• Strong EBITDA: ₹1,111 Crore in Q1, higher by 34% YoY
• Highest ever Q1 Reported Profit After Tax: ₹560 Crore, up by 1.8x YoY
• Cash PAT of ₹813 Crore, up 59% YoY
• Track record of cash returns of >18% on adjusted net worth
• Receivable days decline by 47% YoY to 45 days; Healthy collections trend sustained
• Best in class Balance Sheet, well-positioned to pursue growth
o Net Debt to Equity at 0.46x
o Net Debt to EBITDA (TTM) at 1.75x
o Strong Liquidity: Cash & Cash Equivalents at ₹1,825 Crore