New Delhi: Vedanta Aluminium, India’s largest producer of aluminium,has deployed Internet of Things (IoT) based technology for cooling water analysis and overall reduction in water consumption at its power plants at Jharsuguda, in Odisha.These power plants make use of a recirculating cooling system using water, and a cluster of natural draft cooling towers.

The IoT technology deployed studies real-time operational data and recommends optimumwater quality parameters that ultimately lead to water conservation through increase of CoC (or cycles of concentration i.e., reuse of the same water multiple times for cooling the condenser).This technology hasstarted delivering reduced water consumption, improved water quality, reduced scaling and corrosion, and improved other operational parameters that have led to overall improvement in station heat rate (a measure of power plant efficiency).
Customised applications of leading-edge technologies across the value-chain arehelping Vedanta Aluminium optimise processes, improve customer experience, and deliver new business models. This digital transformation is resulting in increased efficiency, greater business agility, and unlocking of new value for customers, employees, business partners, and stakeholders.
Speaking about the digital transformation underway at Vedanta Aluminium, Company’s Aluminium Business CEO Rahul Sharma said, “Being India’s largest producer of aluminium, we are manufacturing for the future. This is seeing us extensively use state-of-the-art technologies to make our operations more responsive, reliable, and future-ready. Accelerating our digitalisation programmes, intelligent automation and in-house innovations have enabled us to bolster our manufacturing excellence, use resources judiciously and boost workforce safety, making us agile in responding to market dynamics.”
Vedanta Aluminium is also focussed on building future-ready capabilities in its talent pool, from hiring talent in emerging tech-first specialisations and upskilling its talent base to become even more digital savvy. Some instances of how the company is leveraging digital solutions:
• Deep learning algorithms and sophisticated modelling techniques allow Advanced Asset Performance Management at Vedanta Aluminium’s smelters and power plants
• Digital twin technology for predictive and prescriptive maintenance helps ensure greater efficiency, and reduced safety risks with minimal or zero human touch
• Machine learning based systems provide advance warning through surveillance cameras for real-time intervention to prevent mishaps
• Video analytics for reduction in turnaround time of inbound trucks carrying raw materials into the plant
• A robust Manufacturing Execution System provides visibility of all critical plant operations, allowing for remote decision-making
Vedanta Aluminium is now in a growth phase where it is poised to create the industry of the future. From assets to employees, to the vertical integration of operations, the company is geared up to bring a disruptive step-change.
Through Vedanta Spark, the company’s start-up incubator, Vedanta Aluminium is working with ahost of new age start-ups, leveraging the power of innovation and digitalisation in manufacturing. The business cases where these start-ups are involved range from operational efficiency to energy storage solutions, water and waste management, smart inventory management, quality excellence, asset optimization and predictive maintenance, people safety and wellbeing, and many others.
Vedanta Aluminium, a business of Vedanta Limited, is India’s largest producer of aluminium, manufacturing more than half of India’s aluminium i.e., 2.26 million tonnes in FY22. It is a leader in value-added aluminium products that find critical applications in core industries. Vedanta Aluminium ranks 4th in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) 2021 world rankings for aluminium industry, a reflection of its sustainable development practices. With its world-class aluminium smelters, alumina refinery and power plants in India, the company fulfils its mission of spurring emerging applications of aluminium as the ‘Metal of the Future’ for a greener tomorrow.