Bhubaneswar: IlluminatiX- The Media and PR cell of XIM, Bhubaneswar, hosted the Annual Media Conclave: Communiqué ’22, here in the campus on Sunday. This year the theme was “Brand Warfare-What Sets You Apart.”

Rathnam Patrick Joseph Santiago, Head of Content Production & Programming, Naaptol Online Shopping Pvt. Ltd; Puja Bedi, Category Head, WOW Skin Science; Nishita Baliarsingh, Co-founder & CEO, Nexus Power; Varsha Biswal, CEO, Truptee Dairy, and Sourabh Khandelwal, CEO &Founder, Trag Sales4you; Mr. Anirban Mohanty, the co-founder of DriEv, who shared their valuable insights with the audience.

Nishita Baliarsingh spoke about various factors that differentiate her brand from the rest. She mentioned, “You don’t have to degrade the other brand continuously if you are a competitor, but you should congratulate them on their success while strategically mentioning your brand.”

Rathnam Patrick Joseph Santiago, Head of Content Production & Programming, Naaptol Online Shopping Pvt. Ltd shared his insights on choosing the right target audience and delivering to them. Rathnam Patrick Joseph Santiago also stated, “As future leaders of the industry, you must sell to the customer on their terms, without any bias to your strategy.”

Sourabh Khandelwal, CEO &Founder of Trag Sales4you, who enlightened us about the working of marketing and branding, and how, in this era, things are changing. He put forward the point, “People don’t buy the product; they buy the stories behind it. You have to create something authentic and streamline the story.”

Varsha Biswal, CEO Truptee Dairy, took the audience through her business model and spoke about bringing revolution through electronic media. She added, “Truptee is trying to bring revolution through electronic media, seminars, and referral groups so as to create a strong image of the product.”

Puja Bedi Category Head, WOW Skin Science, threw light on the fact that it is commendable how brands have something new to offer. She emphasized how new-age companies are innovative. She also added, “The use of social media is now an irreplaceable marketing tool. Many companies are trying to figure out their D2C marketing Strategy for the same.”

This was followed by a panel discussion which was moderated by Anirban Mohanty, Co-founder, DriEv. The moderator stated, “Having a call to action for a brand and the need to put it into context is very important.”

The summit concluded with an ending note and vote of thanks by Hemant Rohan Narlanka, the coordinator of IlluminatiX, the Media and PR Cell of XIM, Bhubaneswar. He especially thanked the Media Partners for the event.