Berhampur: TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd (TPSODL) has implemented several special measures to ensure uninterrupted power supply during the ongoing severe heatwave, as forecasted by the India Meteorological Department (IMD). In addition, the Company has nearly completed the network restoration work following the recent Kalbaishakhi spells.
The dedicated workforce of TPSODL has tirelessly worked day and night to restore power supply in all affected areas. The restoration efforts are being closely monitored by the Central Power System Control Center (C-PSCC) and divisional-level monitoring teams ensuring safety of personnel.
To ensure reliable power supply and swift restoration in the event of another Kalbaishakhi spell, TPSODL has deployed 4,420 ground staff equipped with poles, conductors, hydra and polemasters. Additionally, the Company has also deployed Aska lights for restoration works during night. and 700 staff members who can be deployed promptly in case of exigencies.
In response to the current situation, all leaves of TPSODL technical staff have been cancelled demonstrating the company’s commitment to serving its customers. The call centre has been reinforced with additional manpower to handle the increased volume of queries and complaints.
TPSODL has taken additional measures for restoration work, including coordination with the Odisha Disaster Rapid Action Force (ODRAF) and local administration for material transportation in hilly and difficult areas.

TPSODL CEO Amit Garg, stated, “We are fully committed to providing quality electricity supply to our consumers, especially during challenging weather conditions like the ongoing heatwave. The deployment of our skilled ground staff, specialized equipment, and collaboration with relevant authorities enables us to swiftly respond to power disruptions and ensure uninterrupted service.”
TPSODL remains dedicated to delivering reliable electricity supply and will continue to prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of its valued customers.