Mumbai: India’s leading stock exchange, National Stock Exchange (NSE), witnesses one lakh crore Market Capitalisation on NSE Emerge platform for the very first time. Since its inception in 2012, NSE SME platform has acted as a catalyst in providing a viable and sustainable opportunity for growing small and medium enterprises of our country. As on date, 397 companies have listed on NSE Emerge with fund raising of more than 7,800 Crores.

The Nifty SME EMERGE Index launched in the year 2017, currently consisting of 166 companies from 19 sectors have shown a CAGR of 39.78% till November 2023, which signifies a notable track record & the growing contribution of SME sector in an overall economic growth of our country.

Earlier this year, NSE had strengthened its NSE Emerge criteria on migration of SME listed companies on its mainboard platform to promote higher quality companies with a wider learning curve of regulatory compliances. Currently, 138 companies have migrated to the NSE mainboard platform.

Sriram Krishnan, chief business development officer, NSE said, “NSE Emerge listed companies crossing one lakh crore market capitalisation is a significant milestone. This showcases the hidden potential of Indian MSMEs that have been the driving force of our country’s economic growth. We at NSE are committed to facilitate fundraising opportunities for upcoming organizations to chart their growth stories and make capital markets more accessible. We urge Indian MSMEs to explore the alternative source of raising capital through NSE Emerge.”