Hyderabad: AHH-owned Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology(AINU), India’s largest single specialty hospital network of urology and nephrology care has announced its milestone completion of 1000 robotic surgeries in the field of urology, uro-oncology and nephrology care. This remarkable achievement sets AINU as a leader in advanced uro-nephro care offering cutting-edge technology for better patient outcomes.

The robotic surgeries were successfully performed for the treatment of kidney cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer,and reconstructiveurology (surgery torecreate, and repair areas of the urinary tract).

Speaking about the benefits of robotic surgeries for patients, Dr. C. Mallikarjuna, chief consultant urologist & managing director, AINU said “The advantages of robotic surgery over traditional methods are evident in the post-operationexperiences of patients. Following a complete prostatectomy, individuals undergoing robotic surgery benefit from a more consistent urination pattern, eliminating the discomfort of bladder control, they also can have a normal penile erection as the delicate nerves can be effectively preserved. In the case of kidney cancers Robotic surgery has also displayed exceptional outcomes. In cases of early-stage kidney cancer, the precision of robotic surgery allows for the targeted removal of tumors while preserving the majority of the kidney. This approach stands in stark contrast to traditional methods that may necessitate the removal of the entire kidney.”