Bhubaneswar : The Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), a leading industry body in Odisha, marked a significant milestone by successfully organizing its Industry-Startup 1st Cohort at Bhubaneswar Club. The event, held under the theme “Creating an Industry-Startup Eco-system for Odisha,” brought together key players from various sectors to foster collaboration and innovation.

ICC has long been a cornerstone in shaping the business landscape of Odisha, playing a vital role in building relationships, providing resources, and serving as a crucial bridge between stakeholders. The chamber, with its rich heritage and unwavering commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, continues to be a beacon of growth and development in the local business community.

Devesh Sinha, Adviser, IT & Startup Committee, ICC Odisha State Council said, “This initiative by ICC was truly distinctive, showcasing a remarkable array of high-quality startup companies. Establishing a robust ecosystem for these startups is pivotal, and I see immense potential for them to evolve into larger organizations. Witnessing the synergy between local players and global industry leaders during this inaugural event was unprecedented in Odisha, as innovative ideas found receptive minds and valuable guidance.”

The IT & Start-Up Committee of the ICC Odisha State Council, entrusted with the mandate to bridge the gap between startups and established industries, orchestrated a platform for startups to connect, network, and interact with prospective customers, gaining guidance from industry leaders. The committee, through an Expression of Interest (EoI) process, curated 10 startups aligning with themes such as Livelihood, Education, Climate Change, and Sustainability.

Abanis Nayak, Convenor, IT & Startup Committee, ICC Odisha State Council added, “This groundbreaking event marks a significant milestone as the first of its kind, bringing together Industry Heads and CSR heads to directly engage with startups. Witnessing the enthusiasm of Industry leaders as they heard the innovative pitches from Odisha’s startups was truly inspiring. Their positive response encourages us to continue fostering these connections, and we look forward to expanding these impactful interactions in the future.”

The featured startups at the Industry-Startup connect included Learning Bee Education Pvt Ltd, Carbonout Techcom Private Limited, Organoponix Private Limited, World Impact Creation Private Limited, Step Ahead Services Private Limited, Newrup Tech Solutions Private Limited, Gelhi’s Hospitality Private Limited, Osiris Agretail Private Limited, Urban-Hyphae Bioscience Pvt Ltd, and Thinkzone Edubridge Pvt Ltd. These startups also had the opportunity for one-to-one interactions with industry leaders to further explore collaboration and growth prospects.

“Connecting startups with industry leaders is pivotal for fostering innovation and sustainable growth. ICC’s initiative is commendable in bridging this crucial gap. These interactions not only provide startups with valuable insights but also pave the way for meaningful collaborations. I am optimistic about the positive impact these connections will have on the startup ecosystem in Odisha”, said Mr Priyadarshi Mohapatra, Founder & CEO, CureBay

The Industry-Startup 1st Cohort marked a significant step towards fostering innovation and collaboration in Odisha, reinforcing the ICC’s commitment to creating a thriving eco-system that benefits both industries and startups alike.

About Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC):
The Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has been at the forefront of facilitating business and promoting economic growth in India since its establishment in 1925. As the oldest and most prominent chamber of commerce in the country, the ICC has played a pivotal role in shaping India’s business landscape over the decades. ICC has been instrumental in fostering business relationships, providing valuable resources, and advocating for the interests of its members, while also serving as a crucial bridge between government authorities and the private sector. With its rich heritage and unwavering commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, the ICC continues to be a beacon of growth and development in India’s business community.