Bhubaneswar: To expedite the noble decision of the Union Health Ministry to impart lifesaving CPR (Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation) for common people, AIIMS Bhubaneswar has organised three-day workshop to provide CPR training to women NSS volunteers. The workshop organised by AIIMS Bhubaneswar in collaboration with the Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Odisha, has been designed specifically for NSS (National Service Scheme) women volunteers from 10 aspirational districts of the state.
AIIMS Bhubaneswar Executive Director Dr. Ashutosh Biswas along with noted social activist Padmashree Tulasi Munda inaugurated the workshop today.
AIIMS Bhubaneswar is dedicated to serve the marginalized and vulnerable populations. Ensuring that women and girls not only receive formal education but also build up their knowledge about their health and bodies is critical to empowering them in healthcare settings so that they can make informed choices and advocate for themselves. Keeping this in mind, this 3-day workshop has been uniquely designed to impart the knowledge and skills required to attain better health in day-to-day life, said Executive Director Dr. Biswas. This workshop will cover the basics of CPR (Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation), adolescent health, menstrual hygiene, nutritional requirements of women, and common non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, which are due to modern-day lifestyle, added Dr. Biswas.
This workshop will not only boost the confidence of these NSS women volunteers in handling common health problems in their families and communities, it also will give them an insight into the basics of a healthy life-style, said Tulasi Munda.
More than 200 NSS Women volunteers and 19 programme officers from 10 aspirational districts like Koraput, Kalahandi, Mayurbhanj, Rayagada, Malkangiri, Balangir, Subarnapur, Nabarangpur have participated in the programme. The workshop started today will continue till 8th February.
Notably, AIIMS Bhubaneswar NSS Bureau has provided CPR training to more than 10,000 persons. The national institute has been providing this life saving skill to students and common people in different parts of the state and has a target to provide CPR training to 1 lakh people.
Among others Sarita Patel, Regional Director, NSS, Bhubaneswar, Dr. P R Mohapatra, DEAN, Dr. Dillip Kumar Parida, Medical Superintendent, AIIMS Bhubaneswar, Manoranjan Nayak, Special Secretary, Department of Higher Education, Ramesh Chandra Behera, SNO cum Deputy Secretary, GoO, Dr. Prabhas Ranjan Tripathy, Dr. Prajna Paramita Giri, Dr. Priyamadhab Behera, NSS Programme Coordinator AIIMS Bhubaneswar were present on the occasion.
It may be noted here that, one in four deaths in India is due to cardiovascular diseases. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in India. In the recent past the country has witnessed many deaths due to sudden cardiac arrest outside hospital. In these circumstances, CPR plays a pivotal role to save the lives of the victim till immediate medical care is available.

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