New Delhi: Rashmi Sahoo, Director, Ruchi Foodline, Managing Director, FarrmB & Frozit & Founder Rays Foundation Mrs Rashmi Sahoo has officially taken over as the chairperson of FICCI FLO Bhubaneswar Chapter for the term 2024-25. The transition of leadership was announced during a ceremony held in New Delhi, where Sahoo succeeded the outgoing chairperson, Poonam Mohapatra, to steer the chapter towards new heights of growth and development.

As the director of Ruchi Foodline, Frozit, FarrmB, Ms. Rashmi Sahoo brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the food and agriculture sector. Her visionary leadership and dedication to empowering women entrepreneurs will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the objectives and initiatives of the FICCI FLO Bhubaneswar Chapter.

In her role as chairperson, Sahoo aims to foster a conducive environment for women entrepreneurs, facilitate skill development programs, and promote inclusive growth across industries. She envisions collaborative efforts with stakeholders to address key challenges and create opportunities for women-led businesses in the region.

Rashmi Sahoo, an honorary degree in Sociology, Diet & Nutrition & is a resource management alumni from CFTRI, Mysore. Her commitment to excellence and her passion for driving positive change make her an ideal candidate to lead the FICCI FLO Bhubaneswar Chapter in the coming year.

Under her guidance, FICCI FLO Bhubaneswar Chapter is poised to embark on a journey of empowerment, innovation, and sustainable development, thereby contributing significantly to the socio-economic landscape of the region.