Berhampur: TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL), has planned more than 140 street plays -Nukkad Nataks during this financial year across its entire licensed area of operations. The company has successfully hosted a series of 61 Nukkad Natak from January to May 2024, reaching around 25,000 individuals across 61 villages and panchayats. This initiative, which commenced last year, aims to enhance safety awareness among the people of Odisha.

This initiative of Nukkad Nataks, in collaboration with local authorities and community members, has made significant strides in raising awareness on crucial issues such as employee and animal safety, energy conservation, and the prevention of electricity theft. The Key themes covered by TPSODL in the Nukkad Nataks included the importance consumer and public safety, including prevention of unauthorized hooking and construction, animal poaching, domestic electrical safety, the importance of digital payments, energy conservation, safety observation reporting, and the use of the 1912 Call Centre Number.

Additional topics include keeping electrical equipment away from water, childproofing outlets, securing cords and outlets, using plastic guards, regularly checking for frayed wires and loose connections, and maintaining electrical appliance safety

As of May, the initiative has achieved a considerable success in the Koraput and Ganjam districts, where a total of 61 Nukkad Nataks have been completed. The remaining 79 plays planned, are scheduled to continue across all TPSODL sections, particularly targeting villages and locations prone to unauthorized hooking and construction. Additionally, the initiative involves local village communities and collaboration with Women’s Self Help Groups (WSHG) and NGOs ensuring a comprehensive community engagement.

“At TPSODL, we are committed to leading the way toward a safer Odisha. This year, we are expanding our Nukkad Nataks to over 140, deepening our engagement across our service areas to not only enhance safety awareness but also to empower and unite the communities we serve” said Amit Kumar Garg – CEO TPSODL

In regions under TPSODL’s jurisdiction that include forested areas—such as Bhanjanagar, Kandhamal, Malkangiri, Koraput, and Boudh—the company has majorly emphasized animal safety theme for Nukkad Natak. The company has already completed more than hundred Nukkad Nataks in the previous year.

TPSODL is dedicated to promoting a safer, more informed community through the Nukkad Natak program, reflecting their commitment to enhancing the quality of life and safety of the communities they serve.