Bhubaneswar: At a critical juncture of global warming, when everybody is giving optimum stress on growing trees to curb the spiraling temperature rise, some unreasonable citizens still indulge in destruction, causing grave harm to the greenery. Not only for human beings, but also for the survival of large number of birds and stray animals, big size trees and their healthy branches are of immense use.

In one such serious incident of green devastation, live branches of large number of full-grown trees are being mercilessly cut and excessively trimmed around the Cosmopolis Society near Khandagiri area in the heart of Bhubaneswar. As rightly viewed by many of the residents, many lush green trees are today reduced to mere wooden planks. With the plea of trimming, all branches of the trees have been axed. This is causing damage to the environment as well as adversely impacting the beauty and greenery of this prime residential complex, the residents have alleged.
The Cosmopolis residents are also questioning on whose behest such green devastation is taking place.