Bhubaneswar: International Institute of Information and Technology (IIIT)- Bhubaneswar joined the global community in pledging action against increasing instances of drug abuse and illicit trafficking. Proposed by the Narcotics Control Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, this event symbolised a significant move towards fighting and combatting drug abuse in the country especially among its youth.
Addressing the faculty, staff and scholars of the Institute, Professor Ashish Ghosh, Director IIIT
Bhubaneswar, highlighted the absolute necessity of such an initiative to ensure the creation of a healthy, creative and productive community. He recollected the long global history of the movement against drug abuse and illicit trafficking by drawing attention to how collective effort in this regard has helped several societies in keeping this malaise at bay. Professor Ghosh also praised the IIIT student and faculty community for imbibing and imparting a healthy and clean lifestyle that advocates against unhealthy practices of drug abuse. Dr Debashis Jena, Registrar IIIT Bhubaneswar, also presided over the event in guiding the participants to take the oath of fighting against drug abuse.
This was followed by an oral pledge-taking ceremony wherein all the members of the academic community took the ‘Say Yes to Life, No to Drugs’ pledge. Everyone showcased their pledge certificates and the event marked IIIT Bhubaneswar’s commitment to consciously cooperate in stopping drug abuse and leading a healthy life.