Bhubaneswar : How legal is imposing penalty for drunken driving? It is illegal for the breath ansalyser machine used by plolice is not a standard one. The reliabilty of the mahine is doubtful.

The Legal Metrology Division of the union consumer affairs department is proposing to standardise the breath analyser machines under the Legal Metrology (General) Rules, 2011. This initiative aims to ensure the accuracy and reliability of breath analyzers used by law enforcement agencies.

“Evidential Breath Analysers needs to be verified and stamped according to the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, to ensure their accuracy. This verification protects individuals from wrongful penalties due to faulty equipment and helps maintain the integrity of legal and workplace policies, ” said the Metorology division in a press release.

” The Verified and standardized Evidential Breath Analysers will accurately measure blood alcohol concentration from breath samples, ensuring that intoxicated individuals are identified swiftly and effectively. This helps prevent alcohol-related incidents on the road, contributing to safer travel for everybody, “said the press release. According to it the division is coming out with a rule for standardisation of breath analyser machine.

The new rules require Evidential Breath Analysers to follow standardized testing procedures, ensuring consistent and reliable results across different devices. This standardization fosters public confidence in the fairness and accuracy of enforcement actions.

Evidential Breath Analysers provide a non-invasive way to measure blood alcohol content, offering quick and painless sample collection. The rapid analysis capabilities allow law enforcement officers to make swift, informed decisions, enhancing the effectiveness of roadside checks.

The availability of stamped and verified Evidential Breath Analysers to the public can raise awareness about the effects of alcohol on impairment and the legal limits for safe operation of vehicles and machinery. This encourages responsible behavior and informed decision-making.

The new draft rules for Evidential Breath Analysers represent a significant step towards improving road safety and enforcement reliability. By ensuring that Evidential Breath Analysers are accurate, standardized, and easy to use, these rules will benefit the public through better enforcement, increased safety, and enhanced trust in legal and workplace alcohol testing. The Department of Consumer Affairs remains committed to safeguarding public welfare through rigorous standards and reliable measurement instruments.