Piyus-GoyelThe Modi government at the Centre is quite furious over the misuse of concession given to the honest people during the post demonetization period. The government detected that a nexus of certain chartered accountants, bankers and government officials in parts of the country has tried to sabotage the grand intention of the demonetization.
Sources in the government told India Whispers that the gangs of certain unscrupulous professionals, bankers and government officials had indulged in money laundering taking advantage of the facilities given to the people to overcome the hardship in the post November 8 period.
“Government will certainly not spare these people”, said the sources.
Recently, the union power minister , Piyus Goyal, who himself is a chartered accountant, said that the government would take stern action against those who misused privileges given to the common people. Government will deal with these people with heavy hands, he added.