Gopalpur in Ganjam(Odisha): Gopalpur Port has nourished 5 km beach front by depositing 4 million cubic meters of sand and other soil on the north side of the Port. 

As part of the on-going port construction project, Gopalpur Port, a significant portion of material recovered from dredging of the Port basin. This material has been deposited along the shore north of the port near Arjeepalli village.  The conventional method of disposing dredged material is a high-seas discharge. GPL though chose to deposit it over 5 kms at considerable financial cost. 

Gopalpur Port MD Amit Saboo said An important aspect of our business is to ensure that our activities are environmentally and ecologically sustainable. We are committed to the highest standards of sustainable development.”

The Port DGM, HSE, Sanjay Thorat GPL said, Gopalpur Port works with Berhampur University for shoreline monitoring and its related aspects.”