Bhubaneswar: Odisha government babus and employees will get promotions and incentives depending on their initiatives in implementing 5Ts and Mo Sarkar while discharging their official duties.

The State government Friday has come out with a notification making implementation of 5Ts and Mo Sarkar one of the criteria for Performance Appraisal Report (PAR) of bureaucrats and employees.

As per the notification of the general administration and public grievance department(GA & PG), 20% weightage would be given for 5Ts and Mo Sarkar. Out of the 20%, the weightage for Mo Sarkar would be 5%.

In the case of IAS officers, out of overall numerical assessment of 10, a value of 2 would be assigned with respect to performance of an officer on 5T and ‘Mo Sarkar’ initiative in the following manner:

* 1.0: 5T Charter of department.

* 0.5: 5T Charter of government.

* 0.5 – ‘Mo Sarkar’.

In the case of State government employees, weightage of 20% assessment for performance of the officer will be as follows:

* 10%: 5T Charter of department.

* 5%: 5T Charter of government.

* 5%: ‘Mo Sarkar’.

Meanwhile, the State government has asked all the departments to prepare their employees’ PAR giving due weightage to 5Ts and Mo Sarkar initiatives.