Bhubaneswar: Odisha MLAs will get pen drives Tuesday afternoon as the finance minister will read out the State Budget 2020-21 from a tab in Odisha Assembly.

Gone are the days of Budget Book as Odisha government is going to switch over to e-Budget presentation.

The finance minister is scheduled to present the Budget at 5 pm on Tuesday. He is going to present a tab to chief minister containg the Budget speech and other Budget documents. While he will read out his Budget speech from a tab, the MLAs would be given the pen drive containing the Budget speech for their tabs.

The journalist would also be getting the pen drive instead of Budget speech book.

With this the age old tradition of finance minister presenting the Budget documents to the chief minister in a brief case, finance minister presenting the Budget by reading out the Budget speech from a printed booklet will come to end. The practice of giving the MLAs, officials and journalists Budget speech in hard copy will be over.

The minister, a few hours from, now will read out the State budget FY21 from a tab.

The government has loaded the Budget speech of the finance minister in a pen drive.