Bhubaneswar: Even though the Odisha government has imposed COVID-19 related Lockdown till April 14, the State police is being prepared for a longer Lockdown period.

Hinting at a prolonged Lockdown, the Odisha Police has issued fresh advisory. He has asked the district police administration to be prepared for such an eventuality.

” Though the present lockdown has been declared for 3 weeks, COVID-19 related enforcement is likely to continue for months”, said a police press release.

The Odisha police DGP, Abhay, while discussing with the SsP/DCsP in a video conference, has expressed his satisfaction over police handling the situation. “The situation in the field has by and large stabilized in so far as enforcement of lockdown is concerned”, he viewed. He has issed an advisory anticipating that the Lockdown period may continue some more time.

All District Ss.P. and DCsP has been advised to re-visit the deployment of police on the street, so as to ensure that all police personnel on street duty get one day rest during a week and are not for more than 8 hours duty a day, as far as possible. Most districts have already started implementing this, the press release said.