Puri: The Puri Jagannath Temple managing committee has decided to start the construction of Raths.

The final decision, however, would be taken by the the State government.

Puri Jagannath Temple managing committee chairman Puri Gajapati Maharaja Debyasingh Dev said that the Committee has recommended the government to start construction of the three chariots. The State government will take a decision soon, he said.

The construction of chariots was supposed to be started from Akhya Trutiya and now it has already delayed by 9 days. Even though, the rituals for starting the Rath building works had been held inside the temple premises on Akhya Truth, the works is yet to be started due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Divyasingh Dev said Puri is in Green Zone in Covid-19 map so there is no reatriction in commencing Rath construction work. Rath construction is not a religious event so the restriction in the Central guidelines on religious events would not be applicable to building of the chariots, he added.

The Committee has recommended for expansion of the Rath Khala (construction yard) to maintain social distance protocol while construction work is going on.