Rourkela: Rourkela Steel Plant (ESP) has commenced installation of a 100 mt. high chimney after safely dismantling of the 70 metre tall old chimney of its Sintering Plant-1.

The 70 mt. tall process Electro Static Precipitator (ESP) chimney of Sinter Plant-I was commissioned in the year 1993 to handle process dust and to adhere to statutory norms pertaining to environment management. However, in April 2018 the chimney got damaged due to heavy rain and wind. The Unit was operating intermittently as per production requirement with the 70 mtrs of chimney in position. 

Hence replacing the old chimney with a new one had become essential in view of both safety and environment norms. However the job was of immense proportion and was an extremely challenging one.    

The preparations commenced accordingly and a new chimney was fabricated. The dismantling job had become even more complex because of the lock down restrictions and the new COVID-19 norms. With a lot of coordination, logistics planning safety protocol by Sintering Plant, Safety Engineering Department, Fire Services and the contract agency the execution job was undertaken amidst completely safe environment.

Dismantling of the old chimney was carried out in 4 days with complete adherence to all safety measures. The Sintering Plant-1 collective lead by P.K.Satapathy, CGM (Sintering Plants) coordinated the entire job. Preparations are now underway for erection of the new 100 metres tall chimney on the existing foundation.