Bhubaneswar: Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) and Consortium of Messers SMS India Private Limited & Messers SMS GMBH, Germany signed a contract on Wednesday for ‘Installation of 4th Slab Caster and Ladle Furnace’ at Steel Melting Shop-II (SMS-II). Mr.

RSP.ED (Project) A K Pradhan represented RSP while SMS was represented by SMS India’s executive director Ramesh Ayya in the signing of the contract.

P K Sahoo, CGM (Projects-commercial), R K Patra, CGM (SMS-I), S Pal Chowdhury, CGM In-charge (Instrumentation & Automation) and other Senior Officers of RSP and SMS were present on the occasion.

Notably, there are three Basic Oxygen Furnaces (BOFs) and three Slab Casters in RSP. With the addition of a new Caster with 1 Million Tonne per annum capacity, the production of Crude Steel from SMS-2 will further increase. Besides it will also enhance the flexibility in operation of SMS-II in terms of availability of casters and grades of steel to be cast. Another highlight of the project is that, the 4th Slab Caster will be capable of producing value added steel like American Petroleum Institute (API) Grades Steel, Extra Deep Drawing Steel (EDDS) etc.

The New Slab Caster-IV project to be implemented at an expenditure of Rs.792.58 Crore will be located next to the existing Slab caster-II of SMS-II. There will be no fresh acquisition of land for installation of the facility.